Planned obsolescence, progress, and timelessness are important themes in my work. I'm interested in the cyclical nature of progress, and the constancy of change. I studied photography in the late 90's and early 2000s, when digital media were starting to replace film and the shift to the information age was taking hold. The awareness of a newer, faster, more connected millennial culture was everywhere.

Technique, format, and craft are central to the work. I often work in nineteenth century processes, which illuminate small details with a long tonal range.

I look for meaning and resolution in my surroundings, and my current work explores man's collision with the natural world and the resulting changes. Our city is crowded with disparate inhabitants, often ignorant of and isolated from one another and unaware of the effect our actions have on our neighbors. There is quiet drama all around us, microcosms and ecosystems of startling complexity which have a unique order, always in motion. We are all constantly adapting, often in inharmonious ways, misunderstanding each other, individuals making our home in a city of millions.